Workshop Objectives

Currently 54% of the world’s total population lives in urban areas and will continue to increase to 68% by 2050. This global phenomenon will also happen in Indonesia. Based on a survey conducted by Bappenas and UNFPA, the population of Java island that have lived on urban areas since 2015 is 65.4%, and is predicted to increase fantastically to 94.5% by 2030. What a remarkable phenomenon, imagine what kind of urban lifestyle model is capable and appropriate to accommodate the life of the people at that time.

Is there any sustainable urban paradigm that can be more sensible to sustain the civilization and life of Indonesian society in the future?

What are the changes that need to be made, both in the aspect of the mindset, the principles of urban planning and infrastructure, and how the organization manage and empower it from the financial or institutional perspectives?

These critical and fundamental questions above are what make us organize the “Leadership Course on Net Zero Urbanism”. It is our hope that you, whether you’re a young or senior executives dealing with green infrastructure and urban development, will gain deeper understanding and enlightenment of the future of the city, its challenges and implications for leadership in planning and management or asset development and infrastructure.

Workshop Model

Our Leadership course on Sustainable Urbanism and Green Infrastructure is trying to combine several aspects of different knowledge experiences, events and media, such as :

  1. Combining onsite classroom for the knowledge workshop and onsite training along with the explanation at the related project location in the selected city.
  2. Combining general technical knowledge on urbanism with leadership aspects on urban redevelopment.
  3. Combining general new sustainable urbanism knowledge of the selected city along with a strong contextual knowledge of our own local city’s issues and challenges. .
  4. Combining fun experience of the study tour visit to a world sustainable city with intense and serious understanding of the importance and strategic knowledge behind the success of this related city.
  5. Combining one-way knowledge dissemination with group discussion facilitation.

Senior partners of DEX will be directly involved as trainers and facilitators of this leadership course. We will also invite related expert leaders for specific strategic issues related with your project such as urban resilience expert and inspirational figures, healthcare facility management, logistic and supply chain expert, etc.

The tangible values of this course are:

  • Experiencing specific theme study tour and visiting the development spots in the selected sustainable city such as transit facilities, sustainable and net zero building and infrastructure, and urban land consolidation spots.
  • Gaining appropriate knowledge and understanding about leadership and sustainable urbanism from the course lecturers that also have strong knowledge on urbanism issues in Indonesia, so it will provide better understanding through a more objective comparison of these two different urban world.
  • Experiencing first-class meeting venues located in sustainable urban neighborhood in the selected world sustainable cities
  • Price competitive course fees

We have recognized several site visit themes of the world sustainable cities that might inspire the future life forms of our urban civilization, such as:

Green Infrastructure
Sustainable public transport system and infrastructure, smart port, airport, railway logistic hub infrastructure, logistic fulfillment center development, renewable energy regeneration complex, urban resilient infrastructure etc.

Sustainable Urbanism 
Smart compact city development, transit oriented development spots, green infrastructure, interesting placemaking and human scaled design urban forms, urban redevelopment based on land consolidation, value based urban redevelopment.

Green Building, Net Zero Building, and Healthcare Complex
Green building and net zero spots, green hospital spots, safe infectious healthcare building system, smart hospital service infrastructure, etc.

Featured Workshop

Embrace New Urbanism Paradigm for CEO and Senior Staff of PT Pulomas Jaya and PT Jakarta Konsultindo.

The first leadership course in new urbanism was held in Singapore, March 2018. The major objective of this leadership course is to change the attendees’ mindset and old paradigm to embrace the new urbanism paradigm. The participants also sought to increase their concern and willingness to change–as a result of better understanding about ‘new urbanism’ compared to the poor urbanism of most cities in Indonesia. We promote an anti sprawling development approach while exploring and witnessing the success of Singapore as one of the most livable cities in the world. Participants visited important urbanism spots in Singapore, the major transit oriented development areas, and institutions or authority in Singapore. We also tried to unfold the strategic reason and rationale dynamics behind the success story of Singapore. The important goals of this ‘Leadership Course in New Urbanism’ were to present the issues of new urbanism and laying the groundwork for the next leader.