Our Scope of Service

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Strategic Envisioning & Master Planning

Envision and strategize master planning for sustainable & optimum value creation on infrastucture and urban redevelopment

Raise the maximum value creation of your next projects with Dex. We will help you envision your project by considering the environmental aspect, organization’s culture, strategic positioning, and potential value of your property neighborhood. Based on the accepted envision, Dex will then prepare the strategic master planning such as initial study on spatial and transit system solution, combined with the economic and commercial development simulation to identify the best way to turn visionary ideas to near reality model.

green & net zero

Green & Net Zero Architecture Design

Provide quality architecture design with green, sustainable, and net zero principles

Pursue your architecture design goals with Dex. Not only we will capture your needs via the design itself, your projects will also be grounded in the people, purpose, and green and net zero principles. Net Zero principles is the future of infrastructure since it will soon be mandatory. Thus, your infrastructure will be based on a purposeful green and net zero architecture design.

project capacity building

Project Capacity Building

Customized executive training and workshop

Dex will provide customized executive training and workshops to ensure your peers, management staff, and partners of your company in obtaining sufficient awareness and basic understanding to run your new project. Your training and workshop will be using creative utilization of any contemporary media combined with vibrant community events that can take place in countries that are relevant to your project.

design development

Design Development Agency

Serving you as a development partner beyond consultation

In certain case, Dex can help you envision your next projects by providing the ideation, strategic master planning, and to the extent where we will be the enabler to raise necessary funding and connect you to relevant partners.